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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  April 10, 2017 4:50pm-5:31pm PDT

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for us the recognition of emergency of affordability criticize for the paraprofessionals and others teachers across the board 3 percent for sort of because 100 percent includes the day to day work that is debatable 3 percent is for everybody so increasing the work year you know we're that didn't look like a pocket for us there was an increase in a proposed there that the pending care but $50 for an employee with one excellent a month increases of $100 a police is a drop in the bucket here's a printout from the u.s. bureau of labor showing this 3 percent last year so 3 percent there is
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like status quo not going to dent the out flow of dedicated and committed educators we believe we can do better we'll be punishing you to do better and looking forward to the next round thank you very much. >> you recall we addressed section g and h introduction of assignments as to the content there are 3 superintendent proposals one 74 f p one and professional standard and board policy non-discrimination in employment and one sp 3 board policy non-discriminates in district programs and activities i will refer those proposals to
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the rules committee may i have a motion and second on the proposal. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you section i board members report and standing committee do we have a report if committee and programs. >> rules committee we heard do you have anything to add. >> a number of bills making their way to the legislature one for supporting our ab 830 removes the student high school examines even though we've not think bringing it, it is officially a positive step and ab 1478 will require the charter schools just like all
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broadband's of education unlikely that will pass yeah, but it is a nice idea; right? >> ab 617 is the people instructions voter registration like we're doing here so the board is statewide and 3 bills that will support incentivizing becoming a teacher offers a 20 thousand grant for those enrolled and prohibits the districts from charging fees we don't do that here but the next will forgive loans for education programs and ab 568 as established paid maternity leave and ab 699 which calls for the equity regarding the equality status for complaints of
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harassment and diego congratulation and status we supported assembly bill 783 that amends the government code for firearms into the schools that allow inare reverberate loops for students they're not able to arm an authorized civilian from entering a campus and lastly this creates the preservation for institution in the african-american museum in la and our next meeting is may first. >> yeah. >> commissioner sanchez anything from budget. >> the budget committee will meet. >> anything from building, grounds, and services committee and thank you so much and board
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delegates any appointments any other reports or updates from the board members. >> i'll remind you friday is the last day for workshop if you want to put together a workshop this is this friday. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> great, thank you i'd like to invite everyone to the youth combland plan finals this friday at 6 o'clock at north awesome if you've not been to an event you haven't lived they're amazing and we're hoping it san francisco will rain a champion once again the chair i wanted to extend my thank you to the warriors sworn testimony they've been incredibly generous for young people and organized a variety of events for lincoln oh, my god i didn't see that
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washington high school and in addition to the warriors game we will be having a celebration with mayor ed lee and board of supervisors and other on april 12th at 5:30 so the parents in the community can come and join us an april 12th is also the hamilton presentation and play for the stanford we'll be bringing 2000 of our 11 and 12 graders to the see the hamilton play that is will be hamentd all day and come and celebrate the bears in the evening at the city hall we're also planning a picnic in the park sometime in may with the school light you up city hall in brown and gold invocation and unfortunately, we couldn't do their own parade mostly it costs one half a million dollars to do a parade but the organizes that are
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hosting the cesar chavez parade are welcoming our mission bears to join them in that parade so we look forward to celebrating with the bears throughout the next couple of months congratulations to mission high school. >> just from hearing commissioner sanchez talking about the bill i wanted to mention that senate bill 54 will make california state and senate bill 6 that will create 12 though new legal defense bound for immigrants and sp 31 will that doesn't refer to our district just passed so -
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those. >> thank you student delegate our students are informed we appreciate that your dedication and commitment section j in memoriam adjournment, there is none tonight. and section k we'll rerecess th thank you. >> i will now resume the regular board meeting first closed session actions if the regular meeting of of march twitter in the matters of anticipated litigation the board by 7 i's has given directions to general council and in a moment i'll read out action from tonight's closed session
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read out from tonight's closed session on tuesday, april 4, 2017, the board by the vote of 6 approved the will with not renewable notice of one principal and 6 i's approval will not are you he renew one principal and approved the contract for 4 program administrators the matter of one case of anticipated litigation the board by a vote of one i's has given direction to general council in the matter of sfusd versus aba vote by 6 i's absent frum to settle for a stipulated amount and the board by a vote of 6 i's gives the authority to settle with a industrialized
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amount and no. >> there's no further business. >> so this meeting is adjourned
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>> >>[music] >> i came in with her impression of what i thought it was good >> what i knew about auditing with the irs spears i actually
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knew nothing about auditing >> in my mind it was purely financial. with people that audited the pain no one wants to deal with it >> now i see a lot of time explaining auditing is not just about taxes. >> oftentimes most students believe that auditing is only financial whereas when they come into a government environment we do much more than financial audits. we do operational audits that were looking at the operations of the department for economy and efficiency and effectiveness. >> when i hire an intern some of the things that i am looking for first of all is is this individual agile and flexible because i am our environment is so fast-paced and where are switching from project to project depending on what's going on in the government at any given time. >> primarily i didn't with audits on utilities management across city departments. >> citywide this ods management audit was also been assisting with housing authority audit program >> the homelessness audit
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>> the it functions >> [inaudible] >> were starting any water on the department of public housing environment allows >> i also assist with the [inaudible] program. >> then additionally i really enjoyed having staff who have some critical thinking skills. because i believe the basis of auditing is not do you know how to audit, but to have critical thinking skills [inaudible] >> [inaudible] even though i've only been here for short time our quick in-depth analysis and research >> analytical skills there's a lot of taking enlargement of information a compacting it a very concise report because we've a big focus on [inaudible] if you're transmitting this information to the audience you need him to be able to understand it. >> so i work with the sparrow program primarily. broadway stan abused [inaudible] they
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prepare me for full-time employment because i knew i could not to challenge myself in order to be an auditor. >> at the [inaudible] we are a content feedback and communication and they pointed out areas where i need to grow. >> one of the things i like about working at [inaudible] is that they actually give you quite a bit of autonomy i feel like kevin sage trusted me. >> the environment really [inaudible] to everyone feeling super collaborative and wanting to get to know one another. which i think at the end of the date is a better work environment and gives you a better workflow. >> i believe that a really is a great experience because it provides an opportunity to have a better understanding of how government works. >> i think what i've learned so far is that every audit is unique everyday. different
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learning opportunities. >> the recordation we make in on its i can honestly go home at the end of the day and zack and treated [inaudible] in a better way. >> even of not familiar with what auditing is you should deftly find out. it's been really really awesome he was it turns out there's a whole world of auditing that i cannot open file oriented performance and [inaudible] and that's an exciting. audit is a lot broader than i ever knew before. >>april 10, 2017.
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the san francisco meeting sfgtv of small business commission
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for april 10, 2017 will begin shortly. >>